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Black and white headshot of Adrienne E B Allen with bat illustrations in background
Bat with frowny face animation
Colorful, sad bat flying holding a zombie head with its feet

Adrienne E B Allen is the restless mind and hands behind Crystal Bananas. 

She is an artist and textile designer with a passion for creatures, crying, and good home cooked meals. A child of the 90s and early 2000s, Adrienne spent many hours trading stickers and Pokemon cards with her little sister. As a youngster, nothing made her feel more enlivened than hearing the animated Ninja Turtles theme song, except maybe watching Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” for the zillionth time (even though it - sort of - scared her). Today, she draws on these spirited, vibrant childhood feelings to create a “Lisa Frank meets the Addams Family” aesthetic for her surface pattern designs.  


Adrienne’s “Monster” fine art work also explores childhood memory and the existence of a “constant self” through an ever-evolving group of monstrous characters.  Many of these odd personalities originated from her own drawings she did as a child. In her abstract pieces, Adrienne is inspired by growth processes and the mysterious relationship between creator and creation. She keeps her curiosity piqued by constantly switching between and mixing media.


Since late 2014, Adrienne has worked professionally in the woven textile industry as the designer for Maine Heritage Weavers - an heirloom textile manufacturer continuing the work of the historical Bates Manufacturing Company.


At Maine Heritage, she has played a key part in the development of both traditional and modern textile designs for an array of customers, including national home goods retailers and boutique brands throughout North America and Europe.

Small bat illustration

To discuss licensing or custom print/illustration work, please email:

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